For more information on adopting an animal please contact us.
(541) 969-3057

We will have pictures and more information up soon of the horses and animals that are able to be adopted and need a good home.

We are very happy about the number of people anxious to adopt horses from the Sanctuary but is important that you call the Sanctuary to find out the schedule for adoption days at the Sanctuary. We will provide you with the adoption forms and arrange for the necessary background check and home visit so that you will be approved to provide a forever home the horse you select. There are adoptions fees, no animal adopted from the Sanctuary may be sold or ownership transferred to another party. Our mission is to insure the lifelong welfare of the animals at the Sanctuary and insure no animal ends up in a slaughter facility or in the hands of an animal broker. When more than one party is interested in the same animal, the decision of where to place the animal will be based on the best interests of the animal. This is not a first come first served scenario. Additionally, it is important to remember that we are not in the business of selling animals, we are a public charity dedicated the animal welfare. After an animal from the Sanctuary is placed for adoption, we will do home visits for two years to insure the welfare of the animal. 541 969-3057

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