Some sad news to report

Over the holidays we had two of our beloved rescues parish. Natalie, the pygmy goat who came to us with an injury on her side which is assumed to be from a boot kicking her, passed on, the day after Christmas. She will be greatly missed. The second death belongs to Misty, one of our older horses. She was found on a hill, distributing her weight oddly. It turned out that she hadn’t moved from that position for over 15 hours and was incapable of doing so. We did all we could to comfort her by bringing her food, water, and a blanket, but she wouldn’t budge and she was in severe pain. Dr. Marcum from Hermiston Veterinary Clinic came out to examine her and concluded that most likely she suffered a broken or fractured pelvis or femoral joint fracture. It was decided that the best thing for her was to end her suffering. She will also be greatly missed. We didn’t want to burden anyone over the holidays with this sad news.

Some good news, all the other animals are doing well. Maggie Mae’s eye injuries are healing, Beauty’s leg is out of the cast and she’s learning how to use it again, and Flick is recovering well from his surgery.



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