Broken feeder most likely responsible for Maggie-May’s eye injury

I can’t say with certainly that the broken feeder resulted in Maggie-May’s eye injury but it is extremely dangerous. I removed the rusted metal from the feeder (it appeared to be the rotten, twisted, rusted bottom of the feeder.) I removed all dangerous metal and fed three of the horses and then I brought Maggie-May back to the corral for medical attention. I will need to take muck buckets up to the hay shed to feed Buddy, Misty and Star this evening. Maggie-May will remain in the covered corral so that she can receive needed medical attention. New feeders will have to be purchased for the hayshed. I hope there is a sale on feeders at D&B or PGG tomorrow because we can’t wait to purchase new feeders. Our hay donation is precious and we can’t risk wasting a flake.

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