Northwest VegFest

I spent last Saturday in Portland at VegFest. When I went to the Humane Society Of The United States booth and told them I was from Pendleton the first two words out of the Director’s mouth were Judy Wendt. Judy is well known for all the right reasons and we feel very lucky to have her helping us.

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1 Response to Northwest VegFest

  1. Judy Wendt says:

    That is nice of you to say, Tamara. I know Scott Beckstead primarily on-line as a fellow advocate against horse slaughter. He is one of the best resources in the PNW for animals and is very well thought of. I hear he is also a vegetarian and a long time horse owner. I hope to meet him in person when he comes to Pendleton to help dedicate PAWS (Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter). He wants to come out to the sanctuary then too.

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