Kelle feeding on Sunday

Kelle has volunteered to feed on Sunday. I need to do some basics like clean out my refrigerator, do laundry and generally put my house back together so that I can function next week. Life at the Sanctuary is fast paced these days. The “Round Up” this week has slowed things down a bit but we expect to be very busy in the coming weeks as people decide they just can’t afford to buy hay to feed their animals over the coming winter. Thank you Kelle! I don’t know if clean laundry will help me work faster but I’m sure the volunteers with appreciate that fact that I smell better.

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1 Response to Kelle feeding on Sunday

  1. Kelle B says:

    Your welcome, its a win win win, I get to spend lots of time with the horses and Im popular because im the one with food, you get a day off to get thing back in order, and we love you with or without clean clothes

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