On Wednesday evenings at seven o’clock we host a vegan potluck at the Sanctuary. There any number of good reasons to learn about eating a plant based diet. If I began eating animal products again, I doubt my doctor would be able to control my cholesterol and blood pressure. I became vegan to end animal suffering and the wonderful side effect of a cruelty free diet is the end to my own suffering from poor health. You can do a great deal to overcome a poor gene pool with a healthy lifestyle. I just turned sixty and I seem to be gaining energy as I age. My parents and siblings are all dead. Mine was a meat loving German family, my sister Betty officially died at the age of forty-eight, the last sixteen years of her life was a living hell but she went out of this world with a pork roast in the oven. Change can be frightening but it can also be fun. If you don’t know what to bring to the potluck, keep in mind that a fruit plate is always very welcome. Join us as we learn together.

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