Cindy Anderson comment about Monk.

Cindy Anderson left us a nice comment about how good Monk is looking these days. Cindy was part of the team that Moved Monk to the Sanctuary so she knows what he looked like when he arrived. We can only take a small bit of credit for Monk’s good health, most of the credit goes to little Nick. Until Nick moved to the Sanctuary Monk wasn’t doing all that well in spite of the good food and care he was getting. Patch tried to be his friend but that upset Stripe, Monk trailed behind Patch and Stripe looking forlorn, until a horse trailer arrived at the Sanctuary, and out marched the little Nick. The two have their own pasture and special covered feeding station where they can get out of the weather. They act like they are a set of twins even though Monk is twice the size of Nick. They make us happy just watching them together.

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