Getting ready for winter

We have been busy preparing for winter. The electrical service needs to be restored to the three corrals on the hill so that we can segregate and care for sick or injured animals over the winter. The lines that deliver water to the animals need to be protected against freezing. The rental income from a triplex we own in town helps pay the bills at the sanctuary, we have two vacancies that will soon fill with students from the college and we have been running into town to show the apartments. We are advertising for help at the sanctuary. There is an RV hookup on the sanctuary that we provide in exchange for help. There have been many people apply but sadly few can pass the background check, it takes time to check out each applicant.
The outdoor vegetable garden is winding down and we will be planting the greenhouse in a few weeks, the ultimate goal being to live sustainably and market the excess produce to raise money for the sanctuary.
Mike just went down to feed the boys (horses) breakfast. Stripe has been bossy with Patch lately, Nick and Monk act like the sanctuary’s old married couple; they have to do everything together. Nick remains the doll baby of the bunch; the little dickens is so cute, frisky and social, he has taken on the roll of official sanctuary greeter. Nick has drastically improved the quality of life for Monk.
Thank you to everyone who has written to see how we are doing. I will try and post pictures tomorrow, Tamara
Oh, I forgot to mention, one of our board members, Erika Patton with Banner Bank, found information about a horse dentist. I had no idea there was such a thing. If I understood Erika correctly, he has a scheduled route and he visits Pendleton periodically. Our hope is that he will visit the sanctuary when he is in town and agree to help us.

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