Equipment Needed!

One week ago we were called to deal with a wild stud horse that had broken into a pasture with two mares; he had injured one of the mares and was in hot pursuit of the second. The property owner was trying to protect the injured horse by fending off the stud with a long stick; she had been out in the cold for hours by the time we arrived and could have been seriously injured. None of the vets we called had a tranquilizer rifle and said there was nothing they could do to help and suggested we shoot the stud. We hired a man to pick up the two mares and take them to safety. We were told that once the mares were removed the stud would most likely leave the area and rejoin the band of wild horses that live in the hills. It is clear that we are going to have to purchase more equipment. When I received the call last Monday, I dropped what I was doing and started calling our volunteers to assemble trucks, trailers, portable panels and people to assist in the capture of the stud, the entire time the poor women is out in the rain with a stick trying to protect her mares. We are in the process of making a list of equipment that will allow us to serve the community more effectively.

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